Native Urban Greening Series –
Episode 1: Revegetation

We’re proud to present our first video in a series that shines a spotlight on how Plantrite and our clients are greening our cities with the highest quality in Australian native flora.

Video Transcript – Revegetation

Revegetation plays an important role in the re-establishment of a landscape after development whether it be roadworks, construction or maybe a housing development once it’s established there’s often significant remediation, and revegetation required particularly in instances like this where you need to stabilise sand dunes along our beautiful beaches.

Choosing the regions native flora for revegetation also helps return ecological balance to an area which is particularly important in a rapidly changing climate.

Plantrite nursery has established itself as the leading grower of Western Australian plants and Australian plant species in WA. They have the ability to supply one of the widest range of species for winter revegetation planting projects, Plantrite produces large volumes and has the capacity to deliver. It’s dedication in all aspects to help customers to achieve the best results. When quality genetics and proven species are grown to their best potential, like when collecting provenance correct materials. The resulting establishment rates are far higher than would normally be expected.

One location that beautifully showcases the quality of the varieties supplied by Plantrite is right here on the coastal dunes at Jindalee. Around 40 km north of Perth.

When development occurs on deep coarse coastal sands, the clearing process often sets back the re-establishment process dramatically. 

It’s in this situation, quality grown plants really stand out.

Interview – James Lawton, Operations Director at Tranen Revegetation Systems. 

Trevor: Tell me about the challenges with this project?

James: Well there were many challenges with an environment such as this we’re right on the edge of the beach. We have got the foredune system and the secondary dune system. We’re the sort of environment where you’ve got shifting sands, you got the weeds that we’re originally on-site and the human activity and off-road vehicles which have completely degraded parts of the site which needed to be revegetated. 

Trevor: Tranen Revegetation Systems (Tranen) was awarded this project which required extensive rehabilitation, utilising coastal native plants as a consequence of a tried and proven track record on projects like this.

Trevor: Their practices and revegetation strategies made Tranen the obvious choice and Plantrite was right there beside them to support the role of the project out. 

James: We didn’t have a lot of lead time to source plants and we were able to contact Plantrite and source 23,000 coastal species that were endemic to this region. There were over 20 different species that were planted throughout this area and we are very selective with the nurseries that we use. We want stock that is going to establish really well, and also has good foliage and stem growth to be able to put it into this environment. 

Trevor: As a leading supplier of natives in WA, Plantrite caters for a small community group right through to the largest scale commercial revegetation projects. Whether you need native propagation, growing or emergency supply from their 20-acre native plant nursery, the Plantrite team will be more than happy to have you on their mission: to positively impact the natural environment and create a healthier, happier, more sustainable future. 

Narration by Trevor Cochrane for Plantrite Wholesale Native Nursery 

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